Doing Work That Matters

From Seth Godin’s Blog, a few days ago:

Instead of, “do what you love,” perhaps the more effective mantra for the entrepreneur, the linchpin and maker of change might be, “love what you do.”

If we can fall in love with serving people, creating value, solving problems, building valuable connections and doing work that matters, it makes it far more likely we’re going to do important work.

I think he’s hit the mark with the second sentence – serving people (in a way that you love) that creates value for them while builing valueable connections is doing work that matters, and will be work that you love to do.  The key question for everyone to seriously consider is “how do I want to serve others?”

What strengths do you have that you can use to create value for someone else?

What types of people do you love serving?

I know I’m repeating myself, but I see this as so important for the future of work in the world – we can’t just keep taking jobs that we hate, not for our collective mental health, and not for our children.  We have the freedom to choose, so lets exercise that choice.

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