The shift from being an individual contributor to a team leader is one of the hardest transitions to make.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I coach new Engineering managers to master the psychology of management.

Maximize Productivity • Motivate and Inspire • Create an Impact that Matters


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Turn Motivation into meaningful action

Build powerful trust with your customers, your leaders and your team

Become a master manager.

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Discover how I help managers become more effective, energized and engaged at the office and in their life.

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What Makes This Program Unique

Most new managers approach their work with the same focus and perspective that they had before they were promoted – by focusing on the work products and the individual problems to be solved.  Effective management happens when the manager is focused on enabling their team to be their best, and not lost in the details of every obstacle and challenge. The program helps managers find a new perspective on how to use their four key intelligences–their IQ, EQ, SQ and PQ–at work to motivate their team, increase trust with leadership and customers, and keep their team focused on executing the most important tasks that lead to the best corporate outcomes.

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“Jim, I’m amazed how after each time I talk with you my obstacles are suddenly gone, my next steps are perfectly clear and I’m buzzing with excitement to tackle them. And when I do run into an occasional problem, I talk with you and it melts away. You’re a genius!”–Phil Nauta

“Jim does a great job of facilitating a deeper vision for yourself and leaves you feeling empowered.”–Mark Walker