A Tale of Five Trees

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

There are two (crab)apple trees that flanks the doors to my office. They are full of fruit right now.  Slightly sour, with a hint of sweetness – mild flavour, but suitable for making preserves.  These trees are ignored, not fertilized, or pruned, watered only from the rain (when it chooses to fall), yet they still provide an abundance of fruit.  The fruit is starting to fall on the ground.  There were two young men who have been tasked with sweeping up the fruit from the ground to throw them out.

There are three crab apple trees in my friends orchard (among many other apple trees). They are gently guided, pruned, watered, fertilized, cared for.  They make a crab apple that I love to snack on – sweet, a mealy texture, a hint of sour to provide a fantastic taste profile.  These will be turned into preserves to be sold, and enjoyed.

You produce fruit simply from existing.

How do you take care of your environment? Who do you have helping you to guide what you grow and how you grow?  Do you utilize what you produce, or just let it fall to the ground?


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