As a manager, you are at the most important intersection of the workplace: you connect the corporate leadership, with the employees creating value, and connect the customers who buy the value from your organization. The nature of the job requires you to be able to see the details as well as see the whole picture. You are responsible to help your team hit the daily work requirements, as well as inform leadership how your team fits within the big picture of the organization. And, you have to do this while transforming your attention from how to use your skills to get each task done, to how you best utilize your team to get the work done.

Working with me will help you by:

–Performing your daily tasks more effectively, efficiently, and enjoy the work, giving you more opportunities for bonuses and promotions.

–Building better trust with your leaders and your team, helping you skillfully execute the corporate vision and motivate your team more effectively (and feel happier yourself)

–Feel energized, giving you more for both work and your family when you go home.

–Feel a deep sense of alignment between you and the work that you do: doing work that matters.

How do we accomplish this?

We each have a unique mental tool kit. Every person has four key intelligence: our IQ, our Emotional Intelligence (EQ), our Social Intelligence (SQ), and our Positive Intelligence (PQ). Most people work hard to develop their IQ through school and other learning opportunities. But, the other three intelligences offer massive leverage for getting work done well while enjoying the process. By applying them to your career you will create a career that you are passionate about. This is exactly what the highest performing individuals have learned to do, and you can do this too.


You don’t use a hammer to cut down a tree – you use an Axe. Yet, in most people’s careers, this is exactly what we do. We’ve been trained to utilize our IQ to address every challenge. Instead, we need to learn how to optimize our experience of a situation, learn how to add new perspectives, and then experiment creatively to find ways to overcome challenges that are holding us back from the success we want to achieve. By developing your Emotional Intelligence, you’re better able to utilize your Emotional drivers for success. By developing your Social Intelligence, you’re better able to create and leverage meaningful relationships that support the work that needs to get done. By developing your Positive Intelligence, you’re able to find the most valuable reality, and utilize that to create the highest probability of success.

My program for new managers combines the latest research from Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Coaching. The combination of the three creates a synergy that forms a lasting transformation in my clients–these skills become life-long tools to help you, and not just create a short boost in efficacy.

This program helps you take advantage of biological accelerators (like dopamine) and to take advantage of your intuitive thinking to do work faster, better and more enjoyably. By becoming clear on your Values, your Strengths and your Life Purpose, and then aligning these with your career, you can turn your job into a deeper calling. We use the practice of one-on-one coaching to help you understand and integrate this knowledge, and then apply this knowledge to change how you live your life.

  • By doing work that matters to you, you are up to Three Times more effective.
  • By utilizing your strengths daily to complete your work, you boost your productivity by up to 12.5%.
  • By optimizing your impact on those you work with (your customers, team, and company), you are up to 10X more likely to be engaged, happy and motivated in your work.

I developed this program, because I needed it for myself. As I was working as an Project Engineer, I found that I was able to get my work done well, but was deeply disengaged in my job. Even though I felt disengaged, I was still getting bonuses for performance and positive work reviews. I knew I couldn’t handle continuing to work the way I was, because any of these “motivators” that my company used didn’t motivate me. I wasn’t motivated to work harder. I really struggled between wanting to do a good job (which is a value of mine), and feeling so disengaged that I didn’t want to do any work (making it hard to do as good a job as I wanted to do). This conflict between what others saw of me, and what I was feeling was causing me to experience depression and burn-out.

By developing my Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and then Positive Intelligence, I started to gain tools to make small shifts in how I worked, which lead to small shifts in the work that I was given. Then, through working with a coach myself, I learned how to take these tools, and make real changes to my career. When I then started making daily efforts to ensure that my Values were honored, my Strengths were utilized, and that I was creating a positive impact that aligned with my Life Purpose, I became energized by my job. At first, I discovered that I could still keep doing the work that was expected of me, but do it in a way that was exciting to me. And, even when I was doing tasks that didn’t align with myself, I could find ways to make them more manageable. Then as my results improved, I was given opportunities for promotion and worked with the management team to better align the new responsibilities and expectations so that they  were deeply motivating to myself AND they fulfilled the needs of the organization.

I’ve create a Four-Month program to help you create powerful alignment between yourself, and your career.  The first month consists of four one-on-one coaching calls where we uncover your Values, Strengths and Life Purpose, and then create a 90-day plan on how you want to bring this to your career. Then, for the following 90 days, I help you execute, evolve and adjust as you bring this plan to life, while developing a mindfulness practice that will help you learn to control your attention. This combination helps you focus on the work that creates the greatest impact, and helps you find creative ways to execute it that is motivating to you and your team.

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6 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. I wanted to stop by and leave a comment for Jim. I spent a good hour + with him on a coaching session recently and was humbled. His calming tone, investigative exercises, and genuine demeanor opened up things for me as a person. I’ve been inspired and felt more focused after meeting with Jim. His coaching services were excellent, and I would recommend his services for those searching for career, relationship, or personal growth help. Jim does a great job of facilitating a deeper vision for yourself and leaves you feeling empowered. Thank you Jim!


  2. Thank you Jim for what you do! I had nearly a two hour call with Jim last night and I am finding it difficult to articulate how I felt. This is a good thing, Jim’s coaching is effective at an emotional level that moves you in such a way that you find it hard to describe. Jim is extremely good at helping you see the reality of your situation. His speaking voice is very calming and he takes the time to breakdown and understand what you are talking about with him. He repeats your thoughts back and then pulls out the what he feels you are really saying. His coaching opened my eyes to a lot of things that I knew in the back of my head but I was deliberately ignoring because they made me uncomfortable. I know that addressing these issues despite my feelings will be best in the long run and I don’t think I would have ever done that without Jim’s help.

    If you have ever felt stuck or lost and you think you may need to just talk with someone that has experience coaching, then I would say that Jim should be your first choice!


    1. Thanks Wayne, I really appreciate you taking the time to share like that. I’m proud of you for stepping into the challenges you are experiencing, and engaging with them bravely.


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