There’s a difference between a teacher and a preacher

A teacher shares important information. Their job is to educate – to help students understand topics, concepts and ideas. The best ones help their students see how this fits into their life, and into the greater world.

But, teaching remains in the intellectual world.**

A preacher, shares ideas, but they speak from the heart. They share their passions with the world, hoping that their passion will awaken the hearts in everyone around them to take powerful action.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a preacher.

Mother Theresa was a preacher.

Their goal was to speak from their heart, straight into the heart of their listeners. They weren’t focused on making the most persuasive argument, and finding all the facts that fit their world view.

They spoke their truth.

This is the same thing that happens when a great TED presenter gets on stage. They don’t talk, persuade, argue and rationalize.

They preach from their heart, into yours.

If you were to speak from your heart today, what would you want to say?


** P.S. I’m not trying to disrespect teachers. The best teachers could be said to be “preachers” in the model I’m talking about above. The point of this article is to encourage you to consider when you are speaking/presenting, are you sharing things that you really care about passionately, sharing them from your heart, or are you just trying to with a logic game?

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