Creating a Business Foundation that leads to easy sales

Does your content marketing lead to consistent and reliable sales?

How do you build trust with your audience so that they want to buy from you?

How do you create a business that makes sales easy and natural, so that you don’t have to manipulate people into buying from you?

I’ve seen many smart entrepreneurs–people who are very creative and have fantastic skills– struggle as they build their business. They have built a business to express their deeper purpose in the world, and are trusting that greater opportunity will come with hard work. They share their work well, give value, build a network, and yet can’t seem to generate the revenue they know is possible. Eventually they get to a point where they struggle with deep existential questions: “is this a business worth continuing?” “Is my intuition about this being important for the world totally wrong?” “Do I have what it takes to do this?”

To try and avoid this pain, many study marketing and sales processes — because those topics promise to “help you get more clients”. And, that work is good when your business has the right foundations. The problem is, a lot of people don’t have the core foundation of their business clear before they start to work with sales and marketing trainers and consultants. So, they throw significant time and money into what feels like a bottomless pit of content creation, getting overwhelmed with the thousand and one good marketing and sales tools and techniques that they are supposed to be executing, all the while not seeing much or any change in their revenue.

That’s where my program is unique — this isn’t about a new technique, tool or task to master. This program is about helping you focus on the right tasks, at the right time, with the right mindset and skill-set. Together we co-design for you a strong business foundation, so that the marketing and sales processes are obvious to you and your customers, making it much easier to execute, without you getting overwhelmed in the details, noise and complications of the sales and marketing process.

There are four foundational components to a business:

  • The “Work” your business does (products and services that it offers)
  • “Who do you serve?” (Demographics and Psychographics)
  • How does your “Work” fulfill a real and felt need of your customers
  • How do you build relationships of trust with your current and future customers?

I’ve created a twelve week program to help you get really clear on these four elements, so that your business and business products/services are built on a firm foundation, so that you can have a thriving business, enjoy the marketing and sales process, and love your work. This program has been created with over seven years of experience studying and practicing entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, leadership, and positive-psychology.

The program consists of:

  • x 6–40 minute Bi-Weekly calls, (20 minutes of content, and 20 minutes for questions/designing actions for you to do after the calls)
  • x 3– 1 hour “office hour” calls (once a month), where we will go deeper into any aspect of the model that you want more support with (or catch up if you’re falling behind)
  • Private Facebook group to share what you are creating through this program, for feedback from myself and the other participants
  • A small group, getting dedicated time with me– this program is for four people maximum per group to ensure that you get the support from me that will help you turn your business into a thriving business.

To begin the program, each participant will get my support to fill out out a One-Page Mindful Business Plan — which breaks the four core business elements down into further subcategories that will lead you to clear action, either in strengthening your foundation, or in guiding you to easier sales with your customers.

Each subsequent call will be focused on going deeper into each of the four core sections, looking for what’s clear in your business, and what’s not — so that we can co-design tasks to help you get clarity and build further strength into your business foundation. As the program progresses, we will be testing and validating the different aspects of your plan, looking for what’s strong and what’s not — so we can build more on what’s strong, and then look for new ways to build strength into what is currently weaker.

To apply — please schedule a 15 minute call with me, where we can talk more about your business, and how this can help you better design your content, products and services so that they are easy to market and sell to your ideal clients. Click the button below to schedule your call with me.

What’s the cost?

This program is an investment of $500, and there are payment plans available. (We will talk about them during your application call)

Here’s a video that explains in greater detail the content we will be going through, and how it will help you design your business foundations so that sales and marketing become easy, rather than overwhelming.

One-Page Business Plan to make Marketing and Sales simple!